A Comparative Overview of Local Governance Systems

LPSI Working Paper by Jamie Boex and Renata Simatupang

This working paper, prepared by Jamie Boex and Renata Simatupang, presents a comparative analysis of local governance systems in six countries, including Cambodia (a sectorally deconcentrated system); Mozambique (a territorially deconcentrated system); Kerala, India (a mixed system, where recurrent services are delivered in a deconcentrated manner, while infrastructure development responsibilities are devolved to local governments); the Philippines (a devolved system, with some elements of deconcentration); as well as Tanzania and Indonesia (examples of devolved systems).

The comparative analysis is guided by the Local Governance Institutions Comparative Assessment (LoGICA) Framework developed by Boex and Yilmaz (2015), which provides a comparative assessment of the five main dimensions of a local governance system, including an analysis of (a) the effectiveness of the subnational governance structure and assignment of functions to the local level; (b) dynamic and responsive local political systems and leadership; (c) local control over administration and service delivery; (d) local fiscal autonomy and local financial management and (e) local participation and accountability mechanisms.

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