About Decentralization.Net

The Local Public Sector Initiative (LPSI) was initiated in December 2010 with the mission to promote international development and strengthen public sector governance worldwide by advancing the understanding of the local public sector.

The Initiative seeks to strengthening systems of intergovernmental relations, subnational governance practices, subnational public finance management, local public service delivery and local economic development efforts in developing and transition countries around the world. It does by engaging in targeted policy research on the local public sector and sharing news and information on decentralization and localization efforts from around the world with the global community of practice.

Decentralization.Net is LPSI’s online platform for sharing information with the global community of practice on decentralization and localization. In addition, LPSI has pursued a number of research efforts to study specific aspects of the local public sector. The Local Public Sector Initiative (LPSI) is led by Jamie Boex.

Over the years, LPSI has been supported by a broad partnership of researchers, multi-lateral and bilateral development agencies, research institutions, foundations, non-governmental organizations, and national and subnational government organizations, united with the common purpose of unlocking the potential of the local public sector in achieving inclusive development.