Global Decentralization Network

Decentralization Net was started by the Local Public Sector Initiative (LPSI) in July 2015 as a platform for researchers and the global development community to share  research and analysis of decentralization, local governance and the local public sector, as well as news and updates on decentralization and local governance reforms in countries around the world. Researchers and practitioners working on decentralization, local governance and local service delivery are encourage to contribute their insights to the global network by becoming a contributor.

The global decentralization network is envisioned not only as a knowledge resource for the global Decentralization and Local Governance Community of Practice (the “DeLoG COP”), but aims to bring together researchers, policy makers and practitioners from other disciplines and sectors as well, whom often work on adjoining or overlapping aspects of decentralization and localization (albeit often in different institutional silos or stovepipes).

Developing interventions that unlock the potential of the local public sector will require the DeLoG COP to step outside of the traditional decentralization and local governance ‘box’, while engaging with experts and practioners in health, education, water and sanitation, and other sectors to ensure that sectoral interventions achieve sustainable solutions at the local level.

LPSI further expects to launch a regular newsletter, Decentralization and Localization Matters, in 2016. The newsletter will provide updates on the latest research on decentralization and localization as well as on the latest trends and policy reforms around the world. Sign up for the free newsletter today.